Over the 60 test pilot line

Six hundred and two thousand and one

In December 18th, Shijiazhuang swept away several days of fog and haze, ushered in returning to the blue sky. In from Luancheng airport runway is above 1500 meters of headroom, dressed in fur flying clothing hole driving “Kitty Hawk 500” aircraft, in and after the completion of the airport control tower docking, suddenly shut off the engine, the plane moment into glide swiftly declining state, at this time, temperature of ten degrees below zero driving driving extravehicular winds blowing. (Figure / Wen Da Yan net Wang Weiqian)

Six hundred and two thousand and two

In the duration of about 90 seconds after, the rapid response of the Kong Xiang engine restart, and push the throttle, chongshangyunxiao aircraft.

Six hundred and two thousand and three

“If the engine does not start successfully, that then the consequences can be imagined, stop in the sky after the restart at the end of the experiment, Kong Xiang by air noise canceling headphones to journalists in the back seat of the explained. At the same time, clutching the copilot seat the reporter still still suffering from the shock.

Six hundred and two thousand and four

The 65 year old Kong Xiang, soldier he has maintained the habit of getting up early. At 7 in the morning, Kong Xiang goes out on time. When driving to the urban fringe, the haze is getting worse, the air was filled with the pungent smell of burning coal. “There is no wind, is not conducive to the haze dissipated, it seems today the flight be delayed,” said Kong Xiang looked at the front of the haze.

Six hundred and two thousand and five

As the aircraft through fly north China company’s total flight division, special test pilot, the hole is called the first test flight, I have done “LE-500 airplane,” Seagull 300 “aircraft, collar world ag300 and multiple models of the first fly and airworthiness certification test mission, the flight time cumulative 9260 hours, total flight of 23600 sorties. Today, the first line of over sixty years of age he is still stuck in the test flight. Kong Xiang is waiting for the wind to come in the office.

Six hundred and two thousand and six

Flight test center in the workshop, dock with “Kitty Hawk 500”, “Seagull 300”, “leading the world ag300,” Yun – 5 “multiple aircraft models.

Six hundred and two thousand and seven

In 1966, is the third study gliding hole, in a number of pilot team come to the fore registration, from the beginning of the he 23 years of people’s Air Force flight. “I first plane, that kind of feeling is very wonderful”, Kong Xiang gestures road and back pull driving rod, plane off the ground, feeling suddenly become heavy, then land rapidly sinking, aircraft are higher and higher. “At that time did not attend to the tension, I feel particularly excited. Through the cockpit windshield look down, houses, roads, trees are very clear.” Kong Xiang is still fresh in my memory.

Six hundred and two thousand and eight

Morning around 10 o’clock, the haze over the airport began to dissipate, Kong Xiang came to flight test center and colleagues for a day before the flight coordination. The figure is an American pilot training at the airport in Luancheng, also in the side quietly listening.

Six hundred and two thousand and nine

Before the test, Kong Xiang in the pilot test center to do warm-up exercises.

Six million twenty thousand and ten

Otto Lilienthal, the father of the world paragliding, once said: the invention of a plane count for nothing, making a plane is no great, and experiment it infinitely more difficult. Test pilot is by design drawings into the exploration of “flying machine”, for the pilot to find redundant boundary line of a safe, the red line in the safe operation of the aircraft flight security. So, the test pilot’s job is full of unpredictable dangers and challenges.

Six million twenty thousand and eleven

Ready to test with the master Liang Jinxiang took out a cell phone, view the weather conditions.

Six million twenty thousand and twelve

Once, the hole driving “Kitty Hawk 500 test after takeoff, when from the more than 100 meters, the engine suddenly lost power, no matter how throttle activity cannot recover normal work, and the bottom is a dense urban buildings, seeing aircraft from the roof more and closer. Kong Xiang said that in the mind of an idea, the aircraft to the open area as soon as possible, to the airport landing. If the crash occurred, the loss will be reduced to a minimum, or change danger into safety. Kong Xiang and colleagues to exchange the “sea of 300” aircraft flight situation.

Six million twenty thousand and thirteen

When he adjusted his psychological, maneuvering the aircraft to maintain the best glide speed, the aircraft has certain turning slope towards the airport, and according to the visual anti conventional from landing at the airport in the opposite direction landing on the runway, and ultimately the plane to a safe landing.

Six million twenty thousand and fourteen

Kong Xiang used his slightly old hand repair parts.

Six million twenty thousand and fifteen

Kong Xiang and disciple Liang Jinxiang driving the “sea 300” aircraft to test the experiment.

Six million twenty thousand and sixteen

In 2010, Kong Xiang assumed the “sea of 300” light amphibious aircraft flying.

Six million twenty thousand and seventeen

December 2012, the “Seagull 300” amphibious amphibious aircraft water test work in Hubei Jingmen Zhanghe Reservoir kicked off; July 17, 2013, the realization of the “Seagull 300” amphibious aircraft in landing on the surface of first fly, “Seagull 300” has also become a domestic small, with hull machine amphibious aircraft test flight of the first machine.

Six million twenty thousand and eighteen

According to the staff at the airport tower and ground 1500 meters altitude flight Kong Xiang docking.

Six million twenty thousand and nineteen

In and after the completion of the airport control tower docking, hole driving “Kitty Hawk 500 aircraft rose according to 1500 meters above the ground, began to stall experiment.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty

Stall flight test for the accuracy of calibration “stall warning system”, to the pilot in the aircraft will be entering a stall before provide accurate sound a word of warning, for pilots to take early measures, to avoid getting into dangerous flight state. Aircraft stall warning speed is inherent in the stall speed with 5-7 knots, so during the flight test pilot must to the speed of the aircraft to fly to stall, and can fulfill the test and adjustment of the stall warning system.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-one

The flight experiment Kong Xiang and his “old man” Dong Hongsheng “Kitty Hawk 500 aircraft. In 2003, in the “Kitty Hawk 500 aircraft developed during the time of production trial, holes will be the year just over 40 years old Dong Hongsheng pull into the test team, two people together, the successful completion of the” Kitty Hawk 500 aircraft flight mission. Now Dong Hongsheng has become the company’s deputy chief of the flight division, the flight time of 7680 hours.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-two

Looked from the window, the blue sky, air plane, all blend into one harmonious whole plain.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-three

In the early 90’s of last century, a number of civil aviation companies out of the monthly salary of a few million to attract test personnel. In the face of such a large salary temptation, hole did not waver, 1990 from the army demobilized after, entered the Ministry of aviation industry of Shijiazhuang aircraft manufacturing factory. “I am a love every day into the people, not used to follow the prescribed order work,” Kong Xiang said with a smile.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-four

On our flight in the history, there have been 27 pilot heroic sacrifice. This brush with death “career is not only a challenge to the test pilot technology, but also the family heart test. In order not to let the family on their flight to worry too much, Kong Xiang in jobs did not inform the family of their test pilot work. “It was not until 2005 that I told them about my work,” Kong Xiang said.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-five

In 2010, Kong Xiang bear the “Seagull 300” light amphibious aircraft first flying, 2013 undertook the first of the newly developed the first electric power double light sport aircraft fly, during the flight in 2014 to bear alone and completed the first electric powered aircraft dynamic stall and spin flight. As the chief test pilot, Kong Xiang led the first flying unit successfully completed the first all composite turboprop business aircraft “world leading 300 aircraft first flew missions.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-six

Although more than the retirement age, but in the test center will still see his busy figure — dressed in handsome flight suit, face wearing a pair of black sunglasses, gestures with a stream of capable and soldiers temperament. Mention later, Kong Xiang said, as long as the physical conditions permit, will continue to fly.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-seven

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