Kongbai left silversmith

Six hundred and two thousand and one

Kongbai Miao is the only village in Guizhou province Miao silversmith silversmith Village area, when up to 275 people. But now, the village is only a silversmith was left behind. Born in 1975, dragon sun, Kongbai village is the only one left in the village silversmith Miao silversmith. He sticks to hit silver, in the village land, take care of a rich road of a married man’s entire family. He said, I want to let out the silversmith see and fields in the home, the elderly, silver, also can become rich, also can live a good life. (Figure / Wen Ning Jian)

Six hundred and two thousand and two

Control of worship Miao village in Guizhou Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in Leishan County, the village has a household 202 1292 people, reached 275 people engaged in the production of silver silversmith up, average household at least one is the silversmith. After entering the 1990s, under the influence of the economic tide, silversmith who have left to go out to work and control thanks to the village of silver production once depressed quiet down.

Six hundred and two thousand and three

Miao silver processing, complete manual operation in the family workshop. To control the worship of silver and healthy development, the sun dragon organization established control of worship silversmith Association, registered trademarks of their own – “control thanks to the silver.” He played the fineness of silver technology, chisel works fine, original design, exquisite workmanship is very popular with tourists.

Six hundred and two thousand and four

Making silversmith silverware to the heat of solidification Silver Hammer playing tight, then beat into the tetragonal elongated. Finally, the Hammered Silver with a diameter of 3 mm cylindrical thin strips. In the past, the Miao people all the year round, often put all the wealth to wear on the body, people go home with. In addition, the Miao people believe that silver evil, detoxification, but also can prevent the plague.

Six hundred and two thousand and five

Engraved pattern in the silversmith and did not have any template, process fine is on the mind map, several hands. This is the Dragon engraved block sun’s great grandfather, has been two hundred years.

Six hundred and two thousand and six

Long Taiyang hammered silver. According to the need, first the goldsmith melting silver slice, made of silver or silver is made, using the process pressure, Liao, carved, hug, etc of elegant pattern, and then weave welding or shape.

Six hundred and two thousand and seven

Miao silver are pure handmade, it has unique texture and toughness, complex, flexible pattern with machinery is do not come out of, hand made the smart, the machine can not be compared. In the eyes of the sun, every piece of work, is the life of the mark, to be careful to polish the good life.

Six hundred and two thousand and eight

To beat the fine silver used from good tip, and then drawing board drawing. Drawing the eye plate in general is divided into 52 different diameter of eyelet, if a silver bar after 52 drawing, then and the diameter of a single human hair almost.

Six hundred and two thousand and nine

Pull the fine silver wire placed together, with a wooden roll will rub together silver line. This process makes a good rub silver has a unique texture and toughness.

Six million twenty thousand and ten

This is the Dragon sun in filigree. Will be a good rub silver pinch out different patterns, set well in advance of the silver box. This process is fine, do not need to die by the silversmith, the hearts of the imagination, go.

Six million twenty thousand and eleven

Will be placed in good hand polished silver inlaid need position, and then use the whole heating torch. The process requires a strict control of temperature, high temperature, low temperature fuse silver, inlaid is not strong. The production process is the most difficult to grasp is engraved with the welding. Chisel engraved master by hand feeling, excessive force to pass a piece of silver chisel, strength is not enough but not the texture of the sense of hierarchy highlight, which is a master silversmith craft is mature one of the standard test.

Six million twenty thousand and twelve

Long Taiyang said, so no solder welding products obviously, silver like nature itself. Seemingly ordinary piece of silver, silver, in his hands but vivid deduce one is endowed with “vitality” works of art, each production details and processes are appearing a shares exquisite.

Six million twenty thousand and thirteen

Foreign tourists have bid 20 thousand yuan to buy the wings of the eagles, but the sun declined by a dragon. The eagles from breed, pattern design, the pattern construct to make assembly has a very high cultural taste, although cost less than 5000 yuan, but to sell 2 million yuan of above, it serves to show this piece work and creativity.

Six million twenty thousand and fourteen

Long Taiyang shows he produced “silver bra”. Its inspiration comes from his love for his wife. When he saw his wife in field labor sweat streaming down their unlucky, sultry bra makes his wife very uncomfortable, so they decided to wife chipped a delicate silver Bra “. After 33 days of hard work, he made such as fine hair silver wrought.

Six million twenty thousand and fifteen

In the works of “dragon sun flowers”, can see the kind of butterfly. The Miao people believe that “butterfly mother” is the common ancestor of all the Miao people. Because no written Hmong, they can only be poured in the white silver in memory.

Six million twenty thousand and sixteen

He depends on the chipped silver, through the website, micro channel, micro Bo promotion, sales, and launched the “silver production experience. Visitors can enter into his private silver embroidery Family Museum, a lesson on “chipped silver basic skills” after class, you can personally experience chipped silver jewelry.

Six million twenty thousand and seventeen

Kongbai village silversmith are generally dynastic, hereditary, craft rarely gaiden. The control of worship the embarrassing situation of the village is, silversmith, have to go out to work leaving only the youngest children and women, and young people to this kind of cultural understanding is not deep, the forging craft culture development has been faced with no heritage of dilemma.

Six million twenty thousand and eighteen

The sun is very concerned about the culture of Miao silver dragon will gradually disappear. White snow can continue from generation to shine living deep in the mountains of seedling family, which to the silversmith village and Hmong culture heritage is a not small challenge.

Six million twenty thousand and nineteen

Unfortunately, nevertheless, sun dragon in order to claim the body, an example of power, recall the silversmith is very few, but the village leading to the highway of the county’s mud is converted into a 6.5 meters wide cement road, I do not know the road whether become road walk silversmith home?

Six million twenty thousand and twenty

Miao silversmith according to their own traditions, aesthetic taste of silver details or local depict a focus on innovation. Of course, all this must be based on the overall shape does not touch the silver as the premise. This is the Dragon sun to consult the village in the modest silversmith.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-one

A dress of Miao women, the body can reach two, thirty pounds of silver. In the eyes of the seedling family. A girl without a set of silverware, cannot talk of marriage, a man, if there is a excellent play silver skills, can do not have to worry about their livelihood. In the design of the silver dragon, the sun is very good at drawing inspiration from the women’s embroidery and batik patterns.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-two

Long silver handmade made in only 40 year old sun dragon declining eyesight, cervical and lumbar also appeared in the mild lesions, the dragon mother as long as there is free will to his son massage.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-three

Long Taiyang through long-term practice and experience accumulation, master a set of very skilled craftsmanship of silver. Congyi so far, his silver accessories are exported to all over the country, Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other places, the 2015 he received tourists 35 batches, the net income of more than 10 million yuan. This is his one family photo in his family silver museum.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-four

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