In the downtown area of Da Shou

Six hundred and two thousand and one

There was a white house in Qingdao Fushan southwestern foot on the top of the mountain, looks like a “Castle”; in fact, it is a three layer lookouts. Master Xue is the “master”, his job is to keep 24 hours in the mountains, the mountains of every tree and Bush monitoring. He said, he is like “Fushan eyes”. (Figure / text Qingdao news network Yu Hong Sun Zhiwen)

Six hundred and two thousand and two

Surrounded by Qingdao Fushan is located in Laoshan District, North District and South District at the junction, by the noisy city, Qingdao city’s “green lung”. Because close to downtown, forest fire prevention, Fushan on wild animal protection work is exciting. From an entrance at Fushan from afar, lookouts on the top position.

Six hundred and two thousand and three

At 5 in the morning, when the sky was still not bright, Xue Haichuan had to get up, he washed his face, shaving with a razor blade grass. A few days ago Qingdao cooling, almost equal to the temperature of 9 degrees below zero, the lookouts no heating equipment, the room temperature is close to zero. Just get up the master Xue has put on the thick clothes.

Six hundred and two thousand and four

After getting up, master Xue began the day’s work. As the night before the snow in Qingdao, Xue master first sweep the snow on the road to go. “If the snow is not now, it will be difficult to leave when it freezes.” Xue Haichuan while talking to a, a don’t sweep up to a foot of snow and deft hands and feet, he not half an hour, the sweep the road, a sweat master Xue head take up the “white smoke”.

Six hundred and two thousand and five

Xue teacher’s dog “little gray” has been with his side. The whole of the floating Shanxi South 300 acres of green area is the scope of monitoring master Xue, before climbing in the first wave of the arrival of the people, he must get up early “investigation.”

Six hundred and two thousand and six

Saowan snow, Xue master returned to his perennial stationed Fushan lookouts carrying broom. From afar, lookouts stood alone in the mountains, on the hillside under the snow against the slightly outdated.

Six hundred and two thousand and seven

Around 7 in the morning, master Xue and pick up the garbage pick up tools, along the path he is responsible for the area to pick up the garbage. He is behind the seat edifice in Shinan District, the city now has just woke up”.

Six hundred and two thousand and eight

Pick up the garbage on the mountain road is close to 10 o’clock, Xue teacher back to the lookout post to rest for a moment. In the lookout post, Xue master’s wife has begun to pack dumplings. Master Xue told reporters that his lover is made a special trip from his hometown in Henan rushed to Qingdao to visit him, sojourn in a few days time, often give him do some good dishes. For example, dumplings, he usually rare to eat.

Six hundred and two thousand and nine

Observation post built for almost ten years, mountain wind, tide, post a great loss every cloudy rain, here on the water curtain cave, master Xue come equipped with their own plastic cloth, each to rain cover in the bedding. Master Xue said, actually the most difficult or winter, due to the use of solar power, can not afford to take high power heating equipment, mountain no heating, cold weather, when the two quilts are no parsnips, all the cool through, did not dare to sleep, morning in the bowl, at noon on the chopsticks and frozen in the together, prior to use must use boiling water flushes. Figure to look at the window of the window sandwich also stuffed with snow, the delay can not be melted.

Six million twenty thousand and ten

“It’s not hard, it’s my job.” 48 year old master Xue has been a grandfather of the people, I really want to grandson, I called my son to send me a few photos.” Xue master said. His cell phone with a small grandson of the photos, he took out from time to time to look. He said: “the grandson of this summer to see me in Qingdao, I am very happy, a few months, the heart is very.”

Six million twenty thousand and eleven

Noon break, master Xue time, came to the mountainside of the Fushan water. There is no water in the observation post, the daily life of the master Xue and drinking water to rely on his own down the mountain.

Six million twenty thousand and twelve

Carrying two buckets of water, on the back of the backpack and a bucket of water, even the master Xue provided behind shijiershang.

Six million twenty thousand and thirteen

Fushan mountain mobile phone signal is not good, especially in the seal in the observation post. Every time to answer the phone, master Xue will always be at the entrance to the lookout post.

Six million twenty thousand and fourteen

Every few months, teacher Xue’s lover and from home by train master Xue, gave her a pack of dumpling eat jiejie Chan, improve the life. Usually a person on the mountain, Xue master eat the most is noodles, “convenient, cooked can eat”.

Six million twenty thousand and fifteen

Lunch time, Xue chef and love to eat dumplings.

Six million twenty thousand and sixteen

After lunch, master Xue began to, side to check there is no capture wild birds bird netting, while you are trying to do a good job of fire prevention. “Where there is a special tree, which there are a few trash on the road, these need to be recorded in the heart.” Remember master Xue Longde road up the hill from the step is 554, the steps of the road to social welfare institute is 455. Every day running on the hill, Xue master of the body especially good, 48 years old, he, run on Fushan also spent 8 minutes.

Six million twenty thousand and seventeen

Xue teacher home in Yucheng, Henan, is a hilly area, master Xue said that he loved to run on the mountain, like the woods and the woods inside the birds. Figure as a park ranger ended, eat to lookouts, Xue Haichuan hot leftovers, for he kept two “little black dog” and “small ash”.

Six million twenty thousand and eighteen

More than 7 o’clock in the evening, master Xue’s work come to an end, he went down to buy supplies. Almost every week, the teacher will be at seven or eight in the evening when the mountain supply, mostly to buy some potatoes, onions, this kind of put to live in the vegetables. Fushan close to downtown, nevertheless, master Xue never take the wife to town, “the mountains cannot do without people!” Xue master said.

Six million twenty thousand and nineteen

Master Xue to buy bread stuffed with backpack.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty

At the foot of the mountain, Xue Haichuan met a peer, two people while smoking, while. The Fushan fire prevention work is very strict, smoking is not allowed on the mountain. Xue master only down the mountain, in order to have the opportunity to smoke a cigarette.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-one

Back to the lookout post, sit down, sit down, and love to watch tv. Lookout post in a simple TV is the only one of the master of the entertainment tool, although only received a central and Qingdao TV station, which he has been very satisfied.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-two

“I enjoyed it in the mountains.” Master Xue said that the young in the past few years, he climbed the mountain, Emei, Mount Tai, now living in Fushan, every day can listen to the birds wake up, the in the mind is at ease. At 8 in the evening, master Xue started to work again. He took a flashlight, into the night in the Fushan path, look around, check there is no one in the Fushan illegal bird. The distant city is brilliantly illuminated, master Xue in the downtown in the mountains, watch alone.

Six million twenty thousand and twenty-three

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