Beijing reporters remember ginseng

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

The old saying 3 people in a drama, drama is like life, life – drama. “So the cook, actor, ruffian” stories derived from modern drama. “Cook”, University Teachers Chen Yanfen, has a stable income, a happy family; “actors”, Beijing film products factory of the makeup department senior makeup artist Xin Tian, had charge of the TV series “a dream of Red Mansions”, movie direnjie Babel Empire “,” the king’s Feast “;” Pi “, the Legal Evening News Photography reporter Ding Fu, had single handedly broke into the Dalian oil tank explosion scene; also a few went to Tianjin nightbreaker, back to the first hand information. They sang the play called “sea cucumber in mind”. (Figure / text Jing Shan)

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

Fu Ding is Legal Evening News senior photographer, last year, after careful consideration, Fu Ding convinced with the media’s wife, himself in Beijing Beiyuan sell real estate, took out some money contracting beach on the edge of the Bohai Bay, a saltworks, Wai sea farming sea cucumber in. Because the product quality is excellent, in the small circle of famous. This year, Fu Ding “ganged” cook “,” the actor “contracting the sea off Dalian 5000 acres of water depth of 10 meters, 15 meters high quality marine ranching in sea cucumber aquaculture. Figure as high iron out of the window the first Beijing since the beginning of winter snow, Fu Ding in the warm inside with their dreams to rush back to Dalian.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

The joint is not accidental. “Cook” as Dalian daughter-in-law, the feast of the total sea cucumber, her mother since childhood to the daughter eat sea cucumber, the body of her daughter and she was determined to do sea cucumber is the key. The graph is “cook” Chen Yanfen is to contact the business, they often use the Internet as a means of sale.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

“Actors” previously perennial outside, have children, for attachment to family that he decided to go back to Dalian sea cucumber business. Pictured “actors” Tian Xin is dealing with the express business documents in the system.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

And the three of them out of the same door — Dalian Medical University, and hit it off, in the years after graduation back to Dalian, the achievements of the “sea cucumber”. Figure for the three people in the alma mater before picking up their own representatives to take pictures.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

Today, they registered trademarks, in order to save money, they built a cold storage, installation of pure water purification device, but also to learn a full set of breeding process. To do so is to be able to fully understand the sea cucumber, from the breeding, production and sales are able to control their own. The picture is to the Dalian, to carry the luggage to their breeding base. In the processing plant, to see the goods.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

In the new cold storage, pay the goods in the view of the. To the present, the brand is still only a circle of friends in the use of word of mouth sales, pay Ding micro channel every day from time to time a friend recommended attention, shop more is to show the full range of products, although there is a real store in Dalian, but also to customers to taste and promote.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

Under the impact of new media, such as the Internet, many traditional media people are thinking or how to change in action. November 8th reporter’s day, Fu Ding said that the world is very meaningful for sea fishing. In the sea, oxygen bottle Fu Ding and brother-in-law check out.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng

The temperature of the winter solstice is very low, in order to keep warm, to keep a lot of fresh film.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng0

Wrap up the film wrapped, Fu Ding wear good diving suit to go to the beach.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng1

And together we will carry the rubber boats to the shore.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng2

Fu Ding will be equipped to skipper.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng3

Fu Ding sits in a wooden boat ready for sea cucumber fishing head.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng4

Boats and boats to the waters of sea cucumber racing together bridle to bridle. Fu Ding’s brother-in-law drove the boats on the side of the escort, but also benefit the safety guarantee more ding.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng5

Fu Ding wear flippers, before the sea, brother-in-law again told to Caution.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng6

Fu Ding Daihao eye, ready to go.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng7

Fu Ding sitting on the side of the boat, turn back into the sea.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng8

After the sea cucumber salvage almost, the husband drives a rubber boat to go to be paid on the boat.

Beijing reporters remember ginseng9

Big stalls, and more big, “cook, actors,” often sing looked River curved, finally dare to boldly, Xipixiaolian, in the face of life’s difficult… ” (micro letter: 29074404)

Beijing reporters remember ginseng0

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