“Parade sister” is youth

Weng Sujing served in Hangzhou Sanatorium of Nanjing military region directly under the service team, his comrades like called her “parade sister, because she used to take part in the 2009 National Day military parade. Now, she is a woman officer sergeant, is also a mother, a wife, “sisters” the hearts of the big sister. (Figure / text Ke Wencai Gao Zhuqiang)

In the 12 years, Weng Sujing’s face faded when they joined the young ignorant, a little more military resolute temperament. However, barracks of the soldiers, Weng Sujing at the end of this year is about to change. Her heart is all shed, Captain see her mind, let she served as a temporary queue demonstration squad leader, led his comrades to participate in organizing hospital queue parade, help her round a dream when the commander of the queue.

After delivery, Weng Sujing even in the face of a group of male soldiers, training will be strict in one’s demands. Goose step requires the soles of the feet parallel with the ground, about 25 cm from the ground, setting training, height is not easy to grasp, she is looking for a ruler to the, strict pull fine training.

Practice is better than precept, in order to maintain good posture in the image, Weng Sujing alone to practice military position in the corridor.

A soldier for third years, Weng Sujing admitted to the Bethune military medical college. During the study, because of the excellent quality of the military, she was picked to the Chinese people’s Liberation Army land, sea and air military honor guard, a team in the 2009 National Day military parade.

Weng Sujing worked as a health officer in the Hangzhou nursing home. Every day before work, she must carefully check the number of drugs in the pharmacy.

“Dressing up” is Weng Sujing’s strength. About to retire, Weng Sujing want to teach skills as soon as possible to his comrades in arms.

Weng Sujing has long been accustomed to the life of the barracks. In the row of the room, to see a comrade in arms quilt is a bit wrinkled, she can not help but come forward to help.

After the army, Weng Sujing served as operator, health workers, the monitor, the district captain, ten years as one day insist, let her harvest the “three”, “outstanding member” full of honor, attracted “sisters” who envy unceasingly.


In his spare time, Weng Sujing likes to rub his boots. She said that the shoes and then break, but also their own “comrade in arms”, wearing a uniform for 12 years, I really do not know how to take off the end of the year. Because everyone has experienced groundless talk, let her grow is camp.


5 minutes away from the meal, Weng Sujing take the time to call her daughter. In the camp, not like other mothers every day to accompany the child to grow, she owed her daughter too much.


Husband Xiao Yong and daughter A Baolai to visit, a family of three sweet.


In order to make up for the care of her daughter, relatives and family vacation, Weng Sujing as far as possible home in the home, to accompany her daughter to play games, rob to do the housework.


At the end of this year, Weng Sujing is going to work. Perception of years in the army, she said: “a youth called goose step, camp kind of spirited fighting spirit has already been incorporated into my blood.”


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