ChinaJoy “later”


Shanghai has continued for several days of high temperature warning lifted, but did not let the crowd to suspend the pace of 2015 ChinaJoy. Coordinate of Pudong, Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall N2, was wrapped in layers of stream of people of Tencent game booth, 90 nvmo leaf Xinzheng wearing elegant “emperor installed”. She is Coser this year, Tencent will soon release the novice swim the war hero track “a female character” Wu “, is also the scene ChinaJoy attract otaku eye only a” Wu Mei Niang “. (Figure / text Lai Xinlin)


Born in 1992 Ye Xin is a girl in the north, the profession is a plane model with enviable tall and good-looking sweet face. But she is always elegant image appeared in various video and advertising screen. Arrived in Shanghai on the first night, the main arrangement and leaf Xin account broker Xiaozhu of this event.


The dead of night, Ye Xin to contact a few join ChinaJoy counterparts in WeChat. The dream of performing arts college, Ye Xin carries models that model is a very interesting work, every day to dress well and everything to make money to feed themselves. Practitioner for two years, she has already acquired the fifth session of the plane model rookie contest award many honors, has also been involved in FHM and a number of fashion magazine shoot, modeling with a halo with sweat.


Wallace, played by Wu Mei Niang is always leaves sweet heart yearned for, the character of elegant, elegant wisdom is she quietly to power. “Legend” when Wu Mei Niang aggressively, no matter how busy and tired, she did not forget to set up a one or two. Because the photo of his elegant appearance and taken before a set of costumes became popular on the network, let Ye Xin and Wu Mei Niang “marriage. When he learned that he was going to play the role of “Wu Zetian” from the manager, she was excited for several days. Ye Xin woke up from his sleep, the phone contact makeup artist to the room for her makeup. Because the rest is relatively late, according to the mirror of the leaf back to worry about their own bags under the eyes a bit heavy.


Makeup artist arrived in the room, ready to make up for her.


Ye Xin and in the streets of Shanghai taxi broker xiaozhu.


July 30th, ChinaJoy officially opened on the first day, the abnormal crowded dressing room, because in a hurry, makeup artist in the exhibition hall in a corner for the first leaf and companion of jane.


In the hot, small makeup makeup, makeup to the leaf Xinhua.


Stylist for leaf wear elegant “Xin Wu” dress. This set of clothing weighing 4 kg, by red, yellow, and two kinds of main colors collocation, and life smile originally sweet of Ye Xin. Because of this dress and face makeup and become elegant and noble a bit.

ChinaJoy 0

Staff took more than 20 minutes to complete the suit.

ChinaJoy 1

Wu Mei Niang’s heels up to 14 cm, Ye Xinjiao small body in this two days in addition to withstand the burden of clothing, but also stepping on the high-heeled shoes, the completion of the platform, give character cards, parades and fans to interact with the task.

ChinaJoy 2

Put on the “Wu” clothing leaves looking for feeling Wu xin.

ChinaJoy 3

“Ye Mei Niang” a play on the cause of the game player’s attention.

ChinaJoy 4

In the rest of the performance gap, the beauty of the leaf did not forget the self timer circle.

ChinaJoy 5

Although the pavilion has air conditioning, but less than ten minutes, the leaves of the forehead and cheeks are sweat.

ChinaJoy 6

The staff is half leaf Xin sweat.

ChinaJoy 7

Ye Xin said, this is a hard to eat, in the choice to become a model of the time there is a fear of hardship. For this year, the organizing committee show girl and Coser dressed dew shall not exceed 2 cm of the new regulations, Ye Xin happy from ear to ear, she said, their advantage simply can not reflect the ah.

ChinaJoy 8

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