“Wandering”, in order to dream

Chen Chuanquan is the Zhejiang Jiaxing river a bar singer. A tall, long hair slightly shy, he plays the guitar very well, deep, pure voice with a hint of loneliness. With the peer’s words, his singing is “heart”, a natural. Chen Chuanquan said: “I am a person who lives in his own world.” Chen Chuanquan, 29 years old, home from Liuyang, Hunan, from the middle school began to like music. Until high school, he began to teach himself guitar, then I am not assertive, do not know the direction, had wanted to be admitted to a school of music to pursue their dreams”. But parents are strongly opposed: the music is not reliable to eat rice. Chen Chuanquan listened to the words of his parents, read a college, to learn the graphic information professional, but he did not give up his dream. (Figure / text Jiaxing daily Wang Zhenyu)

Chen Chuanquan likes to express their status with music and songs, with this love, a guitar to accompany him today. Bar to the staff with a dormitory, Chen Chuanquan chose a small area of the room, “I like quiet, enjoy the loneliness, the heart can sublimation”. In addition to the work of the time, Chen Chuanquan most of the time the themselves playing and singing in the square of the small room, took off his glasses, close your eyes, wearing headphones, immersed in their own world, piano, singing will intoxicated with their own.

Chen Chuanquan sleep until noon every day, get up and take the guitar playing, start a new day. Sitting tired, lying on the bomb.

In the evening, he went to the bar with his guitar and went to the bar.

Bar has a small dining room, colleagues, together with the meal, but also the most time when Chengawa Izumichi.

Off to work there is more than one hour of time, Chen Chuanquan in the bar in the corner of the two floor to sleep.

The bar has three singers, three per person, take turns to sing, the evening from seven thirty to 12, the middle rest for about half an hour. Chen Chuanquan will come and sit for a while, listen to someone else’s song.

Chen Chuanquan also took a good photo, this is his only hobby outside the guitar. His picture is very quiet, like his music. After the rain, the river is very beautiful, Chen Chuanquan took the camera to take the street at night.

The stage at the foot of the wood, insert different color guitar picks.


At this moment there is no guest, but Chen Chuanquan and his colleagues are going to play. Adjust the strings, try the phone, evening show is about to begin.


On the stage, Chen Chuanquan and two other colleagues while singing style is not the same, but with very understanding.


At 9 in the evening, when the bar is popular, Chen Chuanquan and his colleagues will sing some well-known songs, driven by the atmosphere of the guests.


Stage Chen Chuanquan rarely looked up and, finger guessing game, playing dice noisy sound sometimes pressed his piano and singing, occasionally a customer for his playing clapping and cheering. “I really enjoy the stage, although the stage is not big, but the lighting, sound, accompaniment effect let me intoxicated, can let me play the greatest potential.”


Through so many places, Chen Chuanquan also made a lot of friends, the air will be micro channel and they talk about the situation.


Even if the bar has no guests, the singer’s voice will not stop.


Early in the morning, after work Chen Chuanquan dragged his exhausted body to go back to the dormitory. “Wandering” over the years, Chen Chuanquan has not been looking for a girlfriend. Next station where, Chen Chuanquan himself did not know. But wherever he went, Chen Chuanquan will cooperate with different people, learn some useful things from them. Different experiences are the most precious to him. He said that he would write down these experiences, write them out, and plan to make an album of his own.


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