“The most beautiful sister feet” two sound

Not long ago, moved China “energy-saving” Liu Li back to business, this from a poor village in Anhui Fuyang Yingshang County girl with their hard work to earn money to finance the feet of hundreds of poor students go to school, now, she will own public welfare undertakings to Anhui home, opened in Hefei belongs to own foot bath shop, in her plan, open foot bath shop money will come up with a fixed part used for public welfare undertakings, subsidizing the poor student in Anhui, don’t let the children drop out of school because of poor family. Energy-saving Liu Li personally wash feet massage for the elderly.

Liu Li is very hard, in order to Hefei foot bath shop “Li foot world” opened, she has recently been busy. Beginning in May July signing location, storefront, December trial operation. In addition, almost at the same time, founded December 20, 2014 “Li for charity will be in Xiamen.” Liu Li tells a reporter, this is the only Xiamen folk public welfare organizations. The next year, Liu Li took 25% of the profits to employees, 25% of the profits into the “Li for public welfare” charity, the rest of the money to shareholders. Hefei not long, has a lot of people are attracted to find her, want to help. Liu Li himself came to do foot massage for the elderly.

Liu Li often personally demonstration, guide the new employees. Liu Li in the shop, staff from all over the world. The northeast, Fujian, Sichuan and other places, there are many followed Liu Li from Xiamen. Employees are trained in financial straits, degree is not high. Take them to do foot bath shop, Liu Li also has his own wish, that is samll name. “These girls drop out of school to go out to work, afraid to let others know oneself is a samll, especially afraid of family worry, now they follow me to do, the family also to be assured, we are all getting rich by their own hands, this is a very glorious.”

Liu Li for the elderly a foot massage to the foot bath, massage let perennial on her hands full of calluses.

Liu Li in the foreground and sisters office.

The staff met all is always the first time and Liu Li exchange, hope to get help.

New open foot bath shop busy, staff at any time, anywhere will report to the Liu Li problem in the work, Liu Li always patiently explain is the one one of them.

Liu Li and the staff like sisters, no words don’t talk.

The Hefei media to interview Liu Li, the public face of multimedia, low-key simple Liu Li is a bit shy. “I grew up poor at home, had to drop out of school to earn money to support the family, I deeply understand that school can not be on the helpless, also know that knowledge can change the destiny, so I hope all the children of the poor have to learn, we can help a little to help a bit.” He said the engaged in public welfare undertakings, Liu Li felt deserved, both to meet the needs of their childhood dreams, also very meaningful.


Originally called the staff talks, because Liu Li and everybody too affectionate, became “chat conference”.


The new office of Liu Li, this is her first time to sit here, the office is empty, but also the future and care.


This is placed on Liu Li’s desk small potatoes, she hope and his staff are like the small potatoes as tenacious growth.


New open foot bath shop hanging on the walls of Liu Li as deputies to attend the twelve session of the National People’s Congress.


Liu Li in the office records and employee communication problems. Because they are migrant workers, migrant workers outside attention to the fate of Rieger liu. As the National People’s Congress, Liu Li was always rushing to migrant workers, they drum and call. This year the national NPC and CPPCC, this simple kind of rural sister want to say a lot. Migrant workers Taoxin problems, the transformation of government functions, the problem of the school children of migrant workers problems…… The social problems of each one and the rights of migrant workers are closely related, is in Liu Li’s head.


In order to write NPC and CPPCC bill, Liu Li in the school office and primary school principals exchange problem of the school children of migrant workers.


Liu Li to primary school children become integrated with research, and.


In order to write a bill Liu Li in the primary school in the survey.


Liu Li on the Internet to solicit the voices of migrant workers.


The annual NPC and CPPCC, Liu Lido for migrant workers for their endorsement, drum and call.


In Hefei’s office, Liu Li in the record of the past few days of the trip, the itinerary of the full to the brim. “With these questions go to Beijing, I wish to convey the voice of migrant workers.” Now, Liu Li Xiamen, Hefei run, in March, she will go to the capital for the busy Liu Li, every day is full, beautiful.


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