A 18 year old woman hand Fight Club

Six hundred and two thousand and one

The 18 year old Dong Lingyu is a student of Jilin Institute of physical education. With a baby face, 1 meters tall and 68, wearing a down jacket, it is difficult to see that it is difficult to see that this is a developed muscle, whip legs lethal 60 kg of a strong female man”. Young age, life has been training occupied, no vacations and weekends a year. Practicing Sanda for four years, never give up, enter the national team is her dream. (Figure / text of the new culture newspaper Jiang Shengsong Bai Shi)

Six hundred and two thousand and two

Dong Lingyu was born on 1997 in Dalian Pulandian town because parents living in sandbags, city workers, little time with her. She lived with her grandmother. The restless nature, 10 year old Dong Lingyu went to a local school to learn martial arts routines, 15 year old began training in sanda. She also loves Jet Li, Jackie Chan’s Kung Fu films. Qinxuekulian, Dong Lingyu at the age of 17 on behalf of Dalian city won the women’s 60 kg class Sanda games runner up in Liaoning province. In 2015, she was admitted to the Institute of physical education, Wushu Sanda professional team dropped to the teacher Qiu Guoyou door.

Six hundred and two thousand and three

Female athletes can practice fighting are great, have more great achievements. Because they need to overcome a lot of difficulties, but also to give up a lot of things. Coach Qiu Guoyou told reporters, currently involved in Sanda, combat training girls mostly from rural areas. Now Sanda children less, fewer girls, enrollment in recent years is also more difficult. The physiological cycle, muscle type features such as maid boxer must eat more bitter than boys in the way of success.

Six hundred and two thousand and four

When it comes to training hard, Dong Lingyu described as hell, but since it has been practiced for so many years, it will not give up. In order to improve the intensity of confrontation, Dong Lingyu often with the male players to practice.

Six hundred and two thousand and five

Three hours after the end of the training, Dong Lingyu sweat.

Six hundred and two thousand and six

The training gap, Dong Lingyu and partner He Xujie slapstick.

Six hundred and two thousand and seven

In order to fight her right hand middle finger and ring finger has been severely deformed, the ring finger in training last year had a fracture. In September last year, Dong Lingyu and a male teammate for actual combat training, the left eye was hit by a swollen eye, blue and purple. The mirror doesn’t recognize himself, it was her cry for the first time since. After crying, wearing gloves, but also to continue training.

Six hundred and two thousand and eight

For Dong Lingyu, life is basically occupied by training. Rest in the dormitory when not in training, seldom go out.

Six hundred and two thousand and nine

Playing in the game, Dong Lingyu in order to save money, often eat instant noodles.

Six million twenty thousand and ten

18 years old birthday that day, Dong Lingyu and partner shopping together.

Six million twenty thousand and eleven

Dong Lingyu and partner shopping together to buy Nail polish.

Six million twenty thousand and twelve

Now Dong Lingyu has played fifteen games, won more than a few negative. Although the technology has yet to mature, but the kick and hand boxing has become his “killer”. She is currently the most needed is the actual combat experience, as long as there is an opportunity to play more games. She said, in the team, she may not be the best, but it is the fastest. Go to the beautiful sound, lights flashing, bar contest scene, Dong Lingyu appeared confident.

Six million twenty thousand and thirteen

Dong Lingyu clashed with a 25 year old Brazil native female boxer Angel in the field of more than eight hundred of the audience shouted. This is a women’s 60 kg class competition, regardless of the height, weight and other games than Dong Lingyu.

Six million twenty thousand and fourteen

An opening, Angel out of the boxing speed is very fast, up is a combination of boxing. The lack of competition experience of Dong Lingyu the first two is not dominant.

Six million twenty thousand and fifteen

Before the end of the second game, Dong Lingyu was hit by the nose, bleeding more than.

Six million twenty thousand and sixteen

Different expressions of the audience.

Six million twenty thousand and seventeen

After the start of the third inning, she adjusted the tactics, combined with the fist, going on the offensive, found rival some of the tired, center of gravity not steady, her right hand swinging fist, a direct hit on the other temples, leading to each other to the ground. Her direct KO opponents, made the victory of the game.

Six million twenty thousand and eighteen

For the future, Dong Lingyu said to be let nature take its course. When the fitness coaches, sports teachers, private bodyguards, her sisters had offered her a lot of successful cases. “I prefer to be a female police officer in the future. This is my father’s expectation of me. At present, or to do the training, to win every game! The road ahead is still very long, I have to go one step at a time!” Dong Lingyu said.

Six million twenty thousand and nineteen

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